Dimitar Berbatov Foundation

“Dimitar Berbatov” Foundation is founded with a constitutive act from April 7, 2008 by the football star Dimitar Berbatov, leaded by his desire to contribute to the personal development and realisation of the children of Bulgaria. The Foundation is a non-profit, non-religious and politically independent social organisation.

Its main mission is to vastly help young people to educate themselves, to develop their gifts and talents, as well as to give them a chance to share them with the world. The Foundation is determining itself as an organisation for realising deeds to benefit the society.

Since December 2009 DBF is an official member of the Bulgarian Donation Fоrum.


  • Through sharing knowledge and stimulating the creativity of the youth, to encourage establishing moral values, civil society, education and sport;
  • To help for the intellectual, physical and spiritual growth of the Bulgaria children and teenagers, their education in high morals, sportsmanship, humanism, keeping and enriching human virtues and respect to every person;
  • To encourage the growth of children’s talents with assistance in receiving an education, knowledge, skills and culture for growing-ups; supporting the education, specialisation, skill-training of the youths with talents in the sport, science and art.
  • To help the social and personal integration of children with disabilities and orphans;
  • To help establishing, building and modernisation of cultural homes, community centres, libraries, Internet places giving free access to information with free contents;
  • To help and encourage sponsorships;
  • To collaborate with Governmental and municipal organisations, local and international organisations in order to realise projects that are important to the goals of the Foundation;
  • To support other organisations that have similar goals.


  • Grant personal scholarship and give additional financial aid for completing high school and/or university degree
  • Stimulate the level of interest in sport as an alternative against aggression and addiction
  • Participation in the building and modernisation of sport bases for children as well as establishing school for young football talents
  • Help spreading an information for the achievements of Bulgarian children and their success as an example for the growing-ups
  • Realisation of different educational and research programs in the field of sport, science and art
  • Organise or help participation of talented Bulgarian children in sport competitions, international Olympiads, concerts, etc. in the country and abroad
  • Active partnership with organisations, institutions and individuals in the country and abroad as well as representatives of government officials for programs related to the foundation
  • Organise seminars, conferences and other national and international meetings for general and specific issues
  • Initiate and organise charity campaigns to raise funds for the goals of the Foundation
  • Accomplish other legal activities related to the goals mentioned above

Dimitar Berbatov Foundation

The biggest projects:

  • Annual Awards for the Successful Children of Bulgaria
  • Active & Healthy


Dimitar Berbatov Foundation Children Mariela Apostolova Maria EnchevaNatalia Vladimirova Alexandra Borisova

Mariela Apostolova

Mariela Apostolova was born on 02.10.1998 in Plovdiv. Her gift and abilities were noticed when she was very young by Ass.Prof. Svetla Kaludova-Stanilova from Academy for Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv. Even at that age, Mariela showed considerable vocal qualities and good potential for growth and development. During the last five years, this little performer of traditional Bulgarian folk songs has been constantly demonstrating her talent on different national folk competitions, where she inevitably wins first prizes. Her credits are increased by several broadcasts for Bulgarian National Television and Bulgarian National Radio.

Mariela performs songs from all folk regions in Bulgaria, but her favorite ones are from Thrace. Her slow songs as well as her fast ones represent the folk music of the Pazardzhik region in a brilliant way. According to the specialists in the field of folk singing, Mariela has a voice rich in timbre colour , wide range and she can easily perform sophisticated ornaments. Being only 11, she has a singing technique which is inherent only to the best performers of this genre.

Some of Mariela’s more significant prizes:

  • First Place in “Orpheus’ Gift” Contest, Sofia 2006, Bulgaria
  • First Place in “Southern Suns” Contest, Petrich,2008,Bulgaria
  • First Place and Gold Medal in National Festival for Patriotic Songs “Rodolyubie”, Panagyurishte 2008, Bulgaria
  • First Place in IX-th National Contest “Orpheus’ Spring”, Stara Zagora 2009, Bulgaria
  • First Place in National Contest for Song and Instrumental Folklore Songs “Rainbow over Kutev”, Kotel 2009, Bulgaria. The contest is organized by The National School of Folklore “Philip Kutev”, Kotel, Bulgaria
  • First Place and Gold Medal in VI-th National Contest “ With the songs of Stayka Gyokova”, Karnobat 2009, Bulgaria
  • First Place and Golden Orpheus’ Lyre at the X-th Jubilee Contest „Orpheus’Spring”, Stara Zagora 2010, Bulgaria
  • First Place, Gold Medal and Diploma in the II-nd National Contest “With the Songs of Nadka Karadzhova” , Levski village, Municipality of Pazardzhik , 2010, Bulgaria

Natalia Vladimirova

Natalia Vladimirova is 12 years old, born in Burgas, Bulgaria.

‘..I immensely love to sing and play the piano! I sing Thracian songs and songs from the Strandja mountain since I was 4 years old. I participate in a lot of concerts and I get exited before the start of each one of them. My dream is to become a great pianist one day, as well as to glorify the Bulgarian folklore all around the world ...

I am currently a pupil at the National School for Music and Theatrical Art ‘Prof. Pancho Vladigerov’ – town Burgas.”

Natalia’s music pedagogues are Mr. Stoiko Georgiev – director of the Children’s National Choir ‘Trepetlika’ at the Municipal children’s complex in Burgas and Mrs. Albena Kavardzhikova – piano teacher.

Alexandra Borisova

Alexandra Borisova was born on June 17th, 1997. She lives in Kyustendil with her family.

She has been revealing an unusual talent for music since she was a little girl. Encouraged by the unreserved support of her family, she started to play piano to improve her musical talent. Her first appearance on the stage was when she was four years old. Her teacher in vocal music is her mother Gergana Borisova.

Alexandra sings various songs from different folklore regions in Bulgaria. In 2005 she took part in the traditional charity concert ‘’Bulgarian Christmas” under the patronage of the Bulgarian President.

She is a winner of many awards and insignia of honour in various national and international music competitions.

  • 2005 1st place “Orpheus’ Spring” – Stara Zagora
  • 2006 1st place “Orpheus’ Gift” – Sofia
  • 1st place in the Seventh Radiocompetition “Early on Sunday” of the Bulgarian National Radio
  • Special prize “Young Folklore Talent” 2006 of the Bulgarian National Radio
  • 1st place “Struma sings” – Nevestino
  • 1st place “Orpheus’ Gift” - Sofia

Maria Encheva

Maria Encheva was born on 27.01.1994. Being brought up in the traditions of the popular folklore, she takes up singing since her very early childhood. Gradually she engages her efforts in the performance of Thracian folkloric songs and the typical for them vocal ornaments. It is precisely in the Bulgarian national song that Maria discerns the unmistakable beauty of her home country and sees her life-long vocation.

Student of renowned figures in the domain of Bulgarian national folkloric singing, and thanks to her unique voice, Maria has attained a number of awards. Amongst them are her first prizes from:

  • The Fifth National Competition of Music and Folklore “Orfeevo izvorche”, Stara Zagora 2005.
  • The National Folkloric Fest of Strandzha and Thracia Regions, Sredetz 2006;
  • Folkloric Festival “Slaveevi noshti”, Aytos 2006;
  • The Tenth Folkloric Fest “Varbova svirka sviri”, Bolyarovo 2006 (in addition to her first prize, Maria receives the award for singing excellence “Elena Gramatikova”);
  • The Fifteenth Children’s Folkloric Competition “Dinyo Marinov”, Varna 2009.